Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos of life in New York

I thought I'd post a few random pictures of New York. Here are 2 pictures at Central Park. Sterling helped move us across the country (which I will forever be grateful for, thanks so so much Ster) and then him and Brandon did a little sight seeing.

Brandon at his White Coat Ceremony.
As part of orientation Brandon went camping for 3 days with a lot of his classmates. The random group of 10 or so people he ended up with have become so of his best friends in his class.

The Beginining

Well I've decided it would be a good idea for Brandon and I to start a blog. I've been so lazy and just haven't done it. I truly have no excuses because I am not working and have entirely too much time on my hands. So here I am. Stacy you better read these posts because you are the one that has been bugging me to do this. It will be good for me though, and I'm excited to share our lives here in New York City with our family and friends. I'll try to give a little update later with pictures etc. but as for now I'm going to try to figure this thing out. I'm so absolutely un-artistic (if that is even a word) so my layout is not going to be cute like everyone elses. Just thought I'd give you a forewarning. Anyways here I go.