Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Closer!!

I Have been very bad at taking pictures throughout my pregnancy. It's horrible but I see all of these beautiful pregnant women, and then I look in the mirror and think, "Man you aren't the most attractive pregnant female out there," but I don't care our baby thus far is healthy and man I am already crazy in love with him.

He's making buddies already. Everyone at works loves him and talks to him on a regular basis. My good friend Tomiko, seriously crazy but I love her always wants to read him stories in the middle of work. It is so funny. We just laugh at her. She also makes sure to say good morning and good night to him everyday. I love it.

He is also very spoiled. My sister in law sent a suitcase of clothes when my family came to town and then ever since people have been so gracious to us. People here in New York typically don't have as many kids as us Westerners so my co-workers after having 1 child are ready to get rid of there stuff. They have given me so much. I am so grateful!!! Things are so expensive and seriously he'll grow out of everything in a month, so I take it with open arms.

Well here are some pics. I am now a little over 31 weeks, and am planning on delivering at 39 weeks to avoid any previous complications. As of now we are set for the day before Thanksgiving. It will be a crazy journey but we can't wait!!!

Here I am around 29 1/2 weeks.

These last few are between 30 and 31 weeks. Starting to get uncomfortable and exhausted!!