Friday, May 22, 2009

News from New York!

Well I haven't posted forever because nothing really new has gone on in our lives here in New York. I go to work and come home and go to bed. Brandon goes to school, studies and sleeps. But lately life has changed up a bit. I go to work, sleep, and lately have had so many doctor's appointments. We are expecting again!!!!! Very exciting news and very scary news at the same time. We are due the beginning of December and hoping everything will go well this time around. I'm just about 12 weeks along. Usually at this point people are seeing their doc for the first time. I've met with my physician 3 times, met with a nurse on 2 different occasions, and met with an ultrasound tech for my 1st trimester sonogram. I've been pretty busy but I'm grateful that everything is being done for us to have this baby.

So for those of you who don't know I have an auto-immune disease called Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome. Basically my blood clots a lot more quickly than it is supposed to and that is why we lost our son late in the second trimester last pregnancy. As they examined the placenta it supposedly had several clots so our little guy wasn't getting the oxygen and nutrients he needed.

I am so grateful they found this my first pregnancy. Many women with this have many miscarriages before they discover this problem. As I've researched I've found that without medication the chance of women with this disorder to give birth to a living infant is about 10% each pregnancy. Can I just say that I will be forever be grateful for modern medicine. It is truly an amazing thing.

Well that's about it. I'm giving myself Low molecular Heparin shots daily on top of Baby Aspirin. I'm participating as part of a study with women who have either anti-phospholipid syndrome and/or Lupus. It is the least I can do to try to help physicians become more aware of this disorder and how to continue to treat it so women like myself can have viable pregnancies. Anyways, that is my story. Keep us in your prayers. I pray every night that our son Aidan will help prepare our other children to come down to us. Prayers are answered.