Friday, October 29, 2010

Party Animal

As I was running with Brandon yesterday (maybe the only time I spend with him as of late) I looked at him and said, "I think this is the best fall season I've had." And not just since we've been in New York but ever! I have thoroughly enjoyed it. A co-worker told me it was because I have a child, and to tell you the truth I think that may be part of it. That and not having to be stressed with work and school. I have absolutely loved these last couple of months!

I was thinking about what we've done this month and Caden has been a little, "party animal." First off my mom came to visit for a week which was absolutely fabulous! We decided to take advantage of the her company and the warm weather so we rented a car and had some fun. Friday night we went to something called the Jack o'lantern Blaze. It is a Halloween event that features more than 4,000 hand-carved Jack o'lanterns. You meander through this 18th century riverside landscape full of Jack o'lanters. BEEEEAUTIFUL! I was so giddy. So unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures (no talent on my end), but my friend Maribeth went a couple weeks after us and got some wonderful photos. If you want to look, check out her blog. Promise they'll put a smile on your face.

Only photo I got that turned out at the blaze. Hence the link to Maribeth's blog. Which by the way, the 2 gals in that photo together, probably 2 of the most beautiful girls I know. Wouldn't you agree? And seriously they are both more beautiful inside than out. May sound cheesy but it's true, really amazing women!

Anyways, then we went apple picking the next day and it was just delightful. Mom, I know you have no idea how to access my blog but if you ever figure it out. Thanks for visiting, it made my month. :)

Apple Orchard

Alright the rest of the month has been fun too. After tomorrow Caden will have attended 3 Halloween parties this month. Oh my goodness, I love little kids in costumes, they are so dang cute! On top of that we've gotten together with friends a lot just enjoying the weather and season. So fun. I'm sorry if this happiness is making you sick.

I've really noticed how good it is for Cade to be around other kids. He loves it. They may not love it like he does because he bangs on their heads and grabs at their eyeballs but it's fun to watch the little ones interact.

Caden and little ladybug Xela.

Okay couldn't resist posting this picture of the Xan man. Seriously amazing costume huh? Brandon left before they showed up so I had to take this picture to show him. Caden will wear that someday according to Brandon. He LOVED it, and so did I. Just look at him?

Well just thought I'd post my happy feelings towards Autumn and Halloween. Hope you've enjoyed it as much as the Mennears have. Have a great Halloween weekend!