Friday, March 27, 2009



Well I posted these pictures backwards so I will have to talk about the trip from the end to the beginning. So my sis came this week with her roommate Mikkel aka (Micky D)which is what I call her. Nickname from our basketball coach in high school, love every minute of her. Also their friend Mel who was so darling. This picture was taken in Little Italy at lunch the day they left. Yes those are tears, Kristy was obviously in tears but Mikkel shed some as well, and of course so did I.

So we went to Mama Mia! Oh my gosh we were all in love. It was AMAZING. Kristy and Mel were on the 1st row and me and Mik were on the 3rd row. The seats were amazing and the show, WOW!!!! Me and Mikkel couldn't stop dancing the whole show! Seriously, go see it.

My little brother came to NYC on The American Heritage Tour with his school. Natalie Barfuss one of his chaperones is like our second mom so she let us steal him for a few hours. It was so good to see him. Love him, he's darling.

So Mel HAD to see Regis and Kelly. Well we didn't have tickets so we had to wait in the "stand by" line for three hours, yes from 6 am to 9 am. It was freezing and getting up at 5 am isn't my thing but it was so fun.

Serendipity of course was a must. Man I probably gained like 10 lbs when these guys were here we ate so much.

So at the Natural History Museum we were getting tired so we had to make some fun. Here is us imitating the animals. Kristy was the winner! Great impression!

My impression not great but everyone else seemed to like it.

Grand Central Station.

Central Park. Great Sunday activity. I thought this was a beautiful picture.

If anyone knows Mikkel she does not dress like this nor does she wear a purse. She went home a true New Yorker. Even bought herself a "Go Go" purse from Chinatown. She got ripped off, we thought it was a Coach knock off at first but it wasn't, anyone heard of GO GO? Mikkel gave into the peer pressure from my sister and I before we really checked the thing out. Funny thing is, she needs one. The first 2o minutes in NYC she lost her wallet. Seriously a miracle she got it back. An honest lady from Queens found it, googled Mik's name, found her work phone number and left a message on Mikkel's work phone. We met the lady that night to get it back. Mikkel you are a lucky girl!

Loved the cannoles. Had to go back twice for these. So good.

Brandon and I at Toys "R" Us. So glad he was able to hang out at the beginning of the trip. We didn't get to see him much at the end because he had a big test today. He was studying like crazy. The girls felt so bad for him because they didn't know it was possible to study as much as he does. Welcome to my world ladies! Welcome to Medical School! It was nice to have company.

Kristy and I hanging out while Brandon was shopping. But of course he always leaves empty handed. That's my husband for you. Gotta love him.

First day out. Let the fun begin. Thanks Kristy, Mikkel, and Mel for coming. The house is already more lonely and empty without all your suitcases. Come anytime, it was a blast. I absolutely love the watch you brought me. Thank you so much!!!