Thursday, November 19, 2009

He is here!!!

Well our little guy is finally here, 3 weeks early and a little unexpected, but here and healthy! He was 6 lb 4 oz and 19 inches and absolutely beautiful! His name is Caden Charles Mennear. Here is our story:

So since I was about 20 weeks along I have been going and having growth ultrasounds once a month due to the high risk pregnancy. Starting at 32 weeks I have been having Non-stress tests done bi-weekly. The doctor was keeping close tabs on us.

So this last Friday I went in for the sonogram, an NST, and I had a doctor's visit. NST was great but slowly each month his growth percentiles have slowly been dwindling on the growth chart, and this time the ultrasound showed the same thing. Finally at this visit the doctor looked at me and said, "we are not waiting until 39 weeks I'm going to be honest I'm getting worried." Well if she was concerned so was I. I called Brandon who was a bit stressed because he had his last final that day, I think he was quite overwhelmed but he finished his final and we had a baby.

The delivery for the most part was uneventful. So grateful for that. I was in absolute awe when he came out. I still can't believe he is here and he is real. I am so in love, and dad wow, so is he. Ever since the moment he saw him his heart melted. My mom is here which if she wasn't I'm sure I'd be a basket case. We were not quite ready for Caden to come (not quite is an understatement) so my mom of course has saved the day. Here are some pictures of the cutie.

Last picture of me pregnant. Night we were going in to the hospital.

Dad holding Caden. We definitely had a great view of the East River out our window, don't you think?

First family photo!

Aunt Kristy bought Caden this little dog outfit. 1) I love dogs and 2) I realized I didn't have any newborn clothing, so before my mom came Kristy was off on a hunt for newborn clothing. I have 0-3 months and they drown him. Well here is Caden getting ready for his 1st trip to the pediatrician. I had to dress him up for all my co-workers since I work in this office. Everyone fell in love with him!
Everyone usually gets to post darling pictures of their husbands holding baby and sleeping. I haven't had any of those. No sleeping pictures, only pictures of him holding baby while studying. Every night he grabs Caden while he listens to lectures. Bonding time, Brandon loves it. This particular night Caden was a lot more alert.

More studying!