Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally time together!

So I am going to recap the last few months of our lives. Let us start with Brandon, all he does is study, especially when finals are coming up. I came into the kitchen and saw this. He had cheetos, separated on each slide that he was studying for school. I just laughed and had to grab my camera. He said he was eating the cheetos too fast so he had to pace himself, he could only eat the cheetos on that certain slide he was studying and couldn't move on with the next pile of cheetos until he started the next slide.

He wanted to make sure he didn't eat the whole bag too fast. Hmmm, I guess it isn't too bad of an idea. I guess I could get some tips from him. His friends had a bet when we moved to NY. One thought he would gain weight and tip the scales over 300 lbs, the other thought he would lose a lot of weight. Sorry Jared and Trevor he is about the same, apparently he knows how to eat in moderation!!!!!

Great day for me!!! I just found out I was pregnant and I was getting ready for a job interview. Ended up getting the job and have been working ever since at a pediatric clinic for a group of pediatricians. I think I must need help preparing to be a mom. I work 5 days a week 8 hours a day with children and then on Sunday in the nursery. I told Brandon I'm am going to have to work on my communication with adults because those times are far and few between.

For easter we got together with our neighbors below us and had fondue! It was great!!

Me at my best!

For my birthday Brandon got me tickets to Circus de Soleil. It was amazing!!! I absolutely loved it but it scared me to death to watch. My palms were sweaty and I couldn't even clap I was too nervous someone was going to get hurt. It was a blast.

The summer begins. Brandon is just doing a fellowship this summer and doing research with an orthapedic surgeon. He works 9-5 and then we play. He keeps me busy, and exhausted running around the city but YAY, finally time together. Over the Fourth of July we went to Coney Island.

Couldn't go there without getting a Nathan's hot dog. I on the otherhand went for the corndog and rather enjoyed it.

Brandon going to town on the hotdogs!!!

And the cheese fries!!! I have to admit I dug in right after him.

The next day we hoped on a train and headed to Long Beach in Long Island. We went with some friends and had a great time. It took us some time to get in the water. It was freezing!!!! But by the end we were all in the ocean having a great time!

Melissa and Dustin as we fought through crowds to watch fireworks!

This was the extent of our firework show. Can you see anything? Yeah we couldn't either, tall buildings in NY kind of scew the veiw, I think we'll watch them on tv next year, but it was great to get out!!!

Isn't he cute? I kind of like him!

This past weekend Brandon and I went to Central Park to listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra. There were apparently hundreds of thousands of people there it was so fun. Then after that we went to dinner. Twice a year NYC has what is called restaurant week. A lot of the prestigious more expensive restraunts have a deal where you get a 3 course meal for a lot cheaper. Brandon and I went to Ruth's Chris and had amazing filet mignon. Loved it!!!!
And last but not least we are having a BOY!!!!!! We found out last week and it was such an amazing experience. I came to tears when I saw our little guy moving and his heart beating! I can't even describe how happy and peaceful I felt. It was so incredible. I walked into work and before I even said anything my coworker told me I was glowing, and I was!!! I felt so grateful and so much love that day. It is amazing how my heart immediately was filled with love. Anyways, we are excited and expecting December 2!!!